Summer exhibition
Domaine de Sengresse in 2021

© Marie-Lys Carbonel

Michèle et Rob McLusky welcome 4 artistes to domaine de Sengresse

Marie-Lys Carbonel


Marie-Lys Carbonel diplômée de l’Ecole National des Beaux-Arts Paris. Logiste pour le concours de Rome ; Prix de la Casa Velázquez, Madrid. Licence d’Art Plastique à l’Université Vincennes Paris Vlll. After a career rich in collaborations and exhibitions around the world - Algeria, Spain, Germany, France…she has returned to the place where she grew up and enjoys working on large scale paintings based on her favourite countryside subjects.

Jean Marie Tarance


After working in Paris for more than twenty years as an artist decorator, Jean Marie Tarance now lives in Narrosse (Landes) near his family where he devotes himself to his painting which to him is an end in itself. Happy with large format paintings (195cm x 130cm) the series ‘l’eveil’ largely plant forms, using palette knife, ink, acrylic and other techniques punctuate his wide range on framed paper. Art and life are as one.

Leslie Varela


Creatively enthusiastic from a very young age, painting is central to my work. I love to paint figuratively in oils on canvas, but I express myself more freely when I mix painting with various materials which I have found on the beach at Capbreton where I have lived for nearly 25 years. People describe my paintings as fun, flamboyant and colourful! I put all my love into my work and I am happy that it pleases! Leslie Varelie is Graduated from the University of the Arts, Philadelphia, PA. USA.

Laurent Cridlig


Laurent Cridlig, after studying in Belgium he moved to the Landes where he started the CHALAD’OR in Mugron. Passionate about his work, he combines different materials to please everyone.