Summer exhibition
Domaine de Sengresse in 2022

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Michèle and Rob McLusky welcome 6 artistes to domaine de Sengresse...

Martine Pinsolle Artiste peintre


Martine Pinsolle Born in Bordeaux, where very early on, she was introduced to drawing and painting by a professor of Fine Arts in Bordeaux, Renée Seilhean, whose studio she visited for many years. She exhibits in galleries all over France, as well as in Belgium and Spain: she has also shown her work in solo exhibitions in various cultural institutions including, the Salle Capitulaire in Bordeaux, the Musée Historique de Biarritz, the Espace Van Gogh in Arles, the Centre Culturel Okendo in Saint Sébastien. The magazine "Azart" devoted articles to her, "Practice of Arts" illustrated her work on plants (2010) and presented in 2013 her techniques of solid oil painting on hessian.

Andrea Ellis Artiste textile


After many years working as an international textile designer and teacher in the UK, Andrea Ellis returned to dyeing and printing textiles in her studio near Bayonne. Much research has led to her unique way of working; the devoré technique, allows her to create artworks where she can tell stories using the layers and transparency of the fabric. Andrea finds inspiration in her travels and research in museums, galleries and her environment. Andrea exhibits her work internationally in galleries and salons. Her work is part of many private collections. She is a graduate of the Winchester School of Art in the United Kingdom.

Daniel André Peintre et sculpteur


Daniel André The work that I am showing is on a new material -YUPO. My challenge is to adapt an ancestral technique - pure pigments, mixed with gum arabic, carnoba wax on a high tech material. The thread between all my favourite themes remains nature, also people and their attitudes which are revealing their thoughts. For some time now, I have devoted myself to sculpture in copper and pewter in order to create ‘duos’ with my paintings.

Monique Josié Sculpteur


Monique Josié I was born in Saint Jean de Luz in 1954 and it was in 2010 that I found ‘clay’… I immediately fell in love with the medium, being particularly interested in modelling, and I attacked it with passion. My favourite subjects are children and animals: I try through their looks, their position, their expressions, to share emotions such as joy, tenderness: playfulness and sometimes sadness... I work mostly with the finer white clay. When the sculpture is finished I leave it to dry for a month before it goes in the kiln the first time for about ten hours at 1000 degrees. And then comes the time for the finishes: enamel or engobe (earth coloured with oxides) and a second firing at 1020 degrees for seven hours. Exhibitions include, Bidart, Hendaye, Saint Emilion, La Galerie in Hossegor, Izartea in Bayonne, Galerie Page in Biarritz and Le Colibri Maya in Saint Jean de Luz.

Laurent Cridlig Joaillier créateur


Laurent Cridlig, After studying in Belgium, he created the Chahud’or in Mugron. Passionate about his profession, he combines all the materials in order to meet the desires of everyone. au jardin des couleurs

Leslie Varela vitrailliste


I have designed “paintings for the open air” which are the fusion and expression of my favourite subjects: life in nature, gardening and painting. I have moved from canvas to glass, then to stained glass which captures the light and diffuses it harmoniously. These stained glass panels will be exhibited for the first time at this year’s exhibition at domaine de Sengresse.