Summer Exhibitions
Domaine de Sengresse in 2019

© Sabine BUCHMANN Icare, 2017 (part)

Summer Exhibitions
Domaine de Sengresse in 2019

Saturday 1 June until Sunday 15 September 2019

From Monday to Saturday 14h30 - 19h: Sunday 10h30-12h and 14h30-19h
or by appointment
For all further information please contact :

Michèle McLusky, Domaine de Sengresse, 544 Route de Gouts 40250 Souprosse

Tel : 05 58 97 78 34  ou

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From 1 June until 30 June

Artist, Sabine Buchmann is inspired by nature and her paintings are full of colour. Sabine was born in Germany and now lives in Belgium; she studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich and later worked with Günter Fruhtrunk, one of the leading post-war German painters and printmakers.

Sabine Buchmann brings painting to life…(translated from French (Jean Claude Marcadé)

"La nature est un tableau vivant et on peut l’admirer. Nous sommes le cœur vivant de la nature. Nous sommes la construction la plus précieuse de ce tableau vivant gigantesque. Nous sommes son cerveau vivant qui agrandit sa vie."
Kazimir Malévitch, 1916

Sabine Buchmann has exhibited in Germany - Munich, Darmstadt, Hanover, in Vienna, in Brussels and in Brazil. In France in La Rochelle and in Paris where she worked with Jean-Claude Marcadé.

"Toute l'œuvre de Sabine Buchmann, aussi bien dans le caractère organique de ses factures picturales que dans ses thématiques très variées, est sous le signe de l'innocence ailée du trait et de la couleur. Ce n'est pas un hasard si les oiseaux, les fleurs, les sillons de la terre, les parterres diaprés résistent à la pesanteur des choses pour accéder à la grâce. Les dernières recherches de l'artiste offrent des surfaces picturales savamment veloutées, parsemées de signes abstraits, de pictogrammes, avec parfois des citations de chefs-d’œuvre de la peinture universelle (Breughel, Matisse, Malévitch), qui sont là pour marquer une révérence et instaurer un dialogue..."
Jean Claude Marcadé

The second exhibition will run from July until the 15 September

and will welcome back exhibiting artists from 2018 as well as new complementary artists.

Bernadette Poisson from Montfort en Chalosse
Originally from Montfort en Chalosse (Landes), Bernadette is completely self-taught and has painted her whole life. She’s worked in all kinds of jobs however following 14 years working in Burkina Faso she now devotes herself entirely to painting; she has exhibited widely and has a loyal following.

Covadonga Valdes Moré from Bilbao, Spain
Covadonga first came to Sengresse as a guest however her love of nature has brought her back time and again here on holiday and now as a returning exhibiting artist. You will recognise the surrounding countryside and coast in some of her work. Brought up in a family of artists who encouraged her to paint and draw from a very young age, she then studied at Complutense University in Madrid. She has exhibited her paintings all over Spain as well as in Strasbourg and Mexico.

Lucy Ballard from Oxford, England
Lucy’s birds are made from a creation of wire netting, vintage materials and embroidery; working in three dimensions with her usual passion for craftsmanship and detail. Her work is very current and yet timeless.

This year we have another artist joining us...

Cécile Mathis from Serreslous et Arribans
From an early age, Cecile has used painting as a way of expression. Through colour she has learnt to interpret life. She loves the bold use of colour she can achieve with oils. She studied with Parisian artist, Jean-Yves Guionet.

For all further information contact :

Michèle McLusky, Domaine de Sengresse, 544 Route de Gouts 40250 Souprosse
Tel : 05 58 97 78 34 ou
The exhibitions are open from 1 June until 15 September
From monday to Saturday 14h30 - 19h : Sunday 10h30 -12h and 14h30 - 19h
or by appointment 05 58 97 78 34